Friends of Action Fiction

Jaron R. M. Johnson


Jaron is a self-proclaimed turbonerd from southeastern Ohio. Jaron has been a creative since his earliest days, creating comics, stories, and poetry as a child. From there, Jaron united with CJ and another colleague, Clark Campbell, to form Death By Typewriter, where he helped write, direct, and score short films. He also spent time working on Centerpiece: a Tim-Burton-meets-Shel-Silverstein graphic novel. He went on to write for With a Terrible Fate, speaking on several PAX panels.

Jaron currently spends every free minute he has either working on Action Fiction’s next big

project, or leveling his warlock in WoW Classic.

CJ Thomas

CJ Thomas is a writer from southeastern Ohio who has done work in a variety of mediums: From working with Jaron R. M. Johnson and Clark Campbell to create short films in Death Typewriter, to graphic design work, to publishing academic articles on the gaming journalism site With a Terrible Fate. While he keeps a variety of creative hats in the closet, CJ’s true passion is for writing and understanding stories—particularly science fiction and fantasy TTRPGs. Aside from working on Monsters of Murka, he is currently working on a sci-fi novel
called Ozymandias.

Drumpf color render

Brad S. V. Roberts

Brad doesn’t really know who or what he is, but he does know that he’s from Columbus, Ohio. Brad has been a storyteller for as long as he can remember, and is always looking for inspiration for his next poem, short story, or lie. He grew up without any comics, anime, or DnD to warm him against the cold wind of this world, but since discovering these things in late High School and College he’s trying to make up for lost time. He published a couple of poems in his College’s literary magazine, and has an unreasonably bratty cat, Cortina, whom he loves and spoils rotten.
Brad is always working on himself and can usually be found working almost as hard as he should on Action Fiction’s next big project, running or playing in far too many TTRPG games, or raging against the capitalist machine that refuses to acknowledge its own failings.

Daniel Arsenault

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