Monsters of Murka is now LIVE!

Monsters of Murka is now OFFICIALLY live! You can get your copy over on DriveThruRPG. Here’s a quick snippet of the information from the product page:

Monsters of Murka cover

The Monsters of Murka Campaign Setting is an immersive playable parody of United States pop culture designed for fifth edition, filled with recognizable references, bad jokes, and meme-worthy monsters.

You can expect to encounter freedom dragons, redcapped trumplins, and oil elementals while wandering the lands of Murka. On the northwestern shores of Murka, you can visit the rainy city of Sea-Addled, home of the Warlocks of the Shore, who hold the secrets of the old gods. They are responsible for bringing to light each iteration of the ancient holy texts, the most recent of which being the fifth (and trust us, you do not want to ask them about the fourth iteration). Alternatively, you may want to visit Holly Woods, and mingle with celebrities galore, or The Diplomizer himself! But keep an eye out for the Church of Mythatology—they’re more powerful than meets the eye. Or, if you’d prefer, you can set your sites on the capital city of Murka: Washtown, home of both Killary and The Don: powerful political pundits who will stop at nothing to rule Murka and its people as they see fit. Where will you make your home? Which leader’s right to rule will you fight to uphold?

This 214-page campaign setting includes:

  • 15 new playable subclasses, which include the Brobarian, the Lone Ranger, the Affluenza Sorcerer, the Action Hero Fighter, and the Illuminated Artificer.
  • New backgrounds, feats, and race options
  • 28 new monsters, including The Don, Killary, freedom dragons, draguns, and more
  • Over 80 new spells, weapons, and magic items, including new rules for firearms and explosives
  • Detailed location descriptions for Sea-Addled, Holly Woods, and Washtown
  • Written history about how Murka came to be
  • A pantheon full of 23 familiar deities
  • Stale memes

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