Monsters of Murka

Monsters of Murka is designed to be the satiric culmination of years and years of playing table top RPGs and making funny one-off references and inside jokes with our table of friends. You know the scenario I’m describing—Your GM is describing some ancient horror, a demilich with a rigid, boney face, high-arching eyebrows, a weird, hairy mole, and this heinous cackling laughter, when suddenly you realize…

“Hey, that’s our Algebra instructor, Mr. Redford!” Your GM, pleased with themselves, cracks a smile and insists, in a dry, evil voice, “No, no,
young adventurers… I am MISTER DEADFORD!” 

That… is Monsters of Murka.


Monsters of Murka is a hilarious new campaign setting for fifth edition DND full of comical monsters, detailed maps, parodical mayhem, and
political satire! Fight alongside your friends as one of our many new subclasses, like the Brobarian, Fursona Druid, or the Action Hero!
Journey through familiar locations like Sea-Addled and Holly Woods! Plus, fight hilarious new monsters like the Butter Elemental and The Don!
This book includes 200+ pages of subclasses, magic items, locations, player options, deities, and more.