What is Anomaly?

What is Anomaly?

Anomaly is a tactical, D12-based RPG created by Adelaide Gardner and Jaron R. M. Johnson. Think Men in Black meets SCP Foundation

This game has a dark retro-futurism art style, and features a game master and a number of players. The players control secret agents working for an organization known as DODECA. These agents are sent on missions to capture or otherwise subdue “anomalies”—otherworldly creatures wreaking havoc on humanity.

This game has a focus on the gear that agents bring with them. Each “mission” has specific circumstances, like exploring cave systems or navigating through an underwater ruin, which necessitate the use of specific equipment. At the beginning of each mission, players choose what equipment to take with them, which makes gameplay very teamwork-oriented and communication-heavy, encouraging players to work together to ensure they have everything they need to ensure their survival. 

Each mission is played in a single session, typically in 2-3 hours, similar to other popular tabletop role-playing games you may be familiar with. Missions are published in groups of 3, typically as a trilogy revolving around one particular story line. Players will create their agent, and then use this agent throughout each mission they play, leveling up and gaining new abilities as they go.

Anomaly is currently under development. Find out more by joining our Discord, or follow along in its development by joining our Patreon.